Dating Only Verified Users

We let in only genuine dating users

At, we believe that a quality online dating experience matters. One of the most challenging parts in achieving this is making sure that users signing up to our online dating service are genuine.

For this reason, we run specialised software that takes care of just that. It detects users that do not seem to be genuine. Then it blocks them from registering and logging in. Even if such user “slips in”, we detect and see their unwanted activities. These users are then suspended by our cutting edge machine learning software, or manually by our administrators.

By looking at the statistics from the last 3 months, only 5% of all users were considered acceptable. Some 31% flagged as were risky and 64% were rejected by our safeguard software features.

Dating Only Verified Users

We are also, as a software company, currently developing a series of sophisticated APIs. These will make the process of vetting even faster, easier and more accurate in the future. This is our ultimate goal and one of the key properties we use to measure our success with this project.

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