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Meet thousands of local singles completely free of charge. We don't charge anything to join and to use our free dating site. Some other free dating sites that claim to be free but once you join you will find out it may be free to join but not so much to use. But we at offer totally and completely free dating. No hidden fees, no payments, no credit card needed!

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You get free access to other singles in your area or elsewhere. Dating features include live messages, likes and friendship. You can search users by location, gender, sexuality, age, and sort results by these and other attributes too. You can also block users you don't like or report them to us via a simple form if they are bothering you. All these features are absolutely free because we are a truly free online dating.

About is one of the best 100 percent free dating sites. Transparency, honesty, user safety and genuity is our priority so you can find singles in your area safely and with confidence.

Online dating is more popular than ever and this trend is on the increase steadily. It is a simplest way to find singles online completely free of charge. That is, of course, the case of completely free dating sites like

We hope you will enjoy finding free dates in your area or another location such as: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all countries of the European Union. We will be expanding our free dating service to other countries soon.

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