Why Online Dating Can Work For You

Online dating has been around for years, and you could say it’s become more popular than dating offline. While some people may give you a funny look if you tell them you’re looking for love in the online world, but rest assured, there are a plethora of advantages. And it can work for you regardless of your circumstances.

It’s convenient

Convenience is crucial in a world where people generally lead busy lives. While offline dating was the way many moons ago, you can now look for love in the online world from the comfort of your own home. By doing so, there’s no need to waste time dressing up for the occasion, and you can hop online whenever you like. Dating on the internet also allows you to sift through profiles as you look for people who catch your eye. Looking for love in the real world can be a more drawn-out process. The benefits of online dating have been also described in our blog article Why Has Online Dating Become So Popular?

It puts you in control

When you’re looking for love online, you’re totally in control every step of the way. You can choose what personal information you’re comfortable sharing and with who. And you can also decide who you do and don’t interact with, and when. Peace of mind is crucial in all aspects of life, and none more so than dating.

Breaking the ice couldn’t be easier

When you meet someone new in the real world, it can be a daunting experience. Therefore, awkward silences often occur, and embarrassing moments can ensue, sapping you of confidence. Online dating is a game-changer in this respect, as it allows the ice to be broken with ease. There’s a a lot less pressure as you’re not talking to a person face to face, and you also have plenty of time to think about what you’re going to say.

Your horizons will broaden

It makes sense to think that offline dating is very much limited in its reach. You’re bound by your location, be it where you live or the places you choose to visit on nights out. Therefore, you’re missing out on the opportunity to connect with so many other exciting people, and one of those could be your soul mate. Online dating allows you to connect with thousands, increasing your chances of finding the one, rather than having to find someone local.

It’s affordable

Going out to meet the love of your life is going to cost you money. And while love is undoubtedly worth it, it may take you a while to find it, therefore costing you further expense along the way. Online dating, however, is cheap in comparison, with many platforms offering free services. And we’re also seeing the rise of freemium apps too, which are another cost-effective way to find love.

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New country and connection type restrictions

As of 1 April 2020, we are rolling out new restrictions on who can create a new account on our dating website iwillfindyou.love.

Restriction by country

The first restrictions is by country. Users from the following countries will be able to register and use iwillfindyou.love:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Ireland

Users from other countries that have already registered  before 1st April 2020 will be able to continue to log in and use the website.

This change will allow us to focus on countries where the most of our user base comes from, further focusing on quality and genuity of our users.

Restriction by connection type

We are also limiting who can create a new account on iwillfindyou.love by connection type. Users connecting via VPN, proxy or hosting providers will no longer be able to create a new account. Users connecting from normal domestic or business ISPs or from trusted providers directly will not be affected by this change.

We believe that this change will further reduce number of fake accounts that spammers and scammers use to disguise their identity. This should bring us closer to one of our main goals which is to provide spam and scam free dating community.

New abuse reporting feature on our dating website

The long awaited abuse reporting feature has been released. It already proved itself successful.

Users of https://iwillfindyou.love, our dating website can now easily report other users that do not follow the site rules.

Thanks to this feature, we are able to detect even more users that are not genuine. Together with our software solutions and our algorithms that detect abuse automatically, this feature dramatically improves quality of dating profiles on iwillfindyou.love.

We would like to thank all users that help us to weed out all kinds of these non-genuine users. Thanks to them the genuine users have a better chance to find love.

New dating website spam, fraud, abuse detection and prevention on iwillfindyou.love

We have experienced remarkable increase in number of user registrations this summer (2019). We believe that this happened due to the summer update to Google Search algorithm. This increase, however, brought more fake profiles, spam and even scammers to our website.

We used a third party spam prevention service that worked brilliantly and the website was running de facto “on autopilot” in terms of abuse control. But this meant that paying for these services became financially unsustainable very quickly; from £10s, the monthly bills started increasing up to £100s with a prospect of £1,000s bill for the next month. At this point, the only option was to disable the third party spam control.

This came with price. From roughly only 5% of all registered verified users being spam while using the third party spam control, the number grew to some 60 – 70% when we stopped using it. This increased time needed to check users manually. This took as much as 2 hours per day of manual user administration.

We then developed our own fraud detection system with a different and much cheaper “wholesale” API integrated into the user registration process on https://iwillfindyou.love/register. This now works brilliantly; 90% of users are suspended by our AI and the rest is marked for manual check by user administrators. This brings down the user admin time to 10 – 15 minutes per day and the cost down to mid £100s while only roughly 1% of the bad guys slip through. These users are then eventually caught red handed by admins or reported by other dating users.

Having genuine users with genuine interest in dating in safe and secure environment is our main priority. Our spam, fraud and abuse prevention tools will allow us to get closer to this goal than ever.

Join our iwillfindyou.love dating website now for free and without hidden fees.

Online Dating Done Right

When it comes to online dating it can be an absolute minefield. There are plenty of good people out there looking for love, but they can be hard to find. There are several simple things that you can do though that will improve your chances of finding Mr or Mrs Right online. Let us guide you through it.

Getting the Dating Profile Right

Getting your dating profile right isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but there are several things you can do to give yourself the best shot at it. Firstly don’t be modest, starting your dating website profile with ‘I’m no good at this’ will put people off straight away. Likewise, bragging isn’t good either. ‘I make a great paella’ is good, ‘I have a fantastic job, make loads of money, and no one can understand why I am single’ is not. Don’t be needy and don’t be over the top. Be yourself.

Make Your Dating Profile Stand Out

Having ‘I love music and hanging out with friends’ doesn’t do anything for your profile, as this is true of practically every person in the world. Be original and be specific. Don’t say you like sunsets (everyone does) say which is the best sunset you have ever seen. Mention specific music tracks you like, rather than something generic. Also, don’t admit that a friend wrote your profile as this makes it look like you have no self-awareness and are not smart enough to write it yourself.

Picture Perfect

Make sure that you have a dating profile picture, those that don’t either scream ‘I’m so ugly that there is no way I am giving you a picture, I am married, or I am on the run from the law’. Have more than one picture. It is impossible to tell what someone is like from a single pic, so people that like you will want to see more. Likewise, make sure that your pictures are realistic and not Photoshop art. People will soon find the truth out when they meet you for real. No pictures with your top off, men or women, this screams that you are only interested in one thing or are desperate.


It may take a while before you get any messages particularly if you are a man. Be proactive when it comes to messaging, playing hard to get doesn’t work, neither does bombarding them with message spam. Ask them a few questions about their profile and keep it interesting. Be aware that you don’t have to reply to anyone that messages you. No reply is often better than a ‘thanks, but no thanks’ message. Also, remember that messaging is a stopgap to meeting someone. You don’t want a conversation to go on for weeks before you meet. You need that in-person interaction. Six messages in total are enough to know whether you want to meet or not.

When it comes to online dating there are a lot of unwritten rules and it can take a while to get your head around it, but it is possible to find true love online. Good luck.

5,000 active verified users

There’s now 5,000 verified users on https://iwillfindyou.love from all over the world.

Our main goal is to bring genuine and quality users to our matchmaking website so we are busy not only bringing new users but, mainly, making sure these users are genuine and their intention is to find love on our 100% free dating website.

Lucky In Love – How To Find Your Soulmate

Love is easy. It’s all consuming, incredible to be wrapped up in, and pretty easy when it’s right. However, finding it? That’s sometimes a little more tricky. In the minefield of dating, coming across your soulmate can sometimes seem like an impossible task. However, there’s a few things that you can do to make sure that you come across your ideal partner sooner rather than later, and we’re going to be looking at them here.


Use Dating Websites


A dating website is an incredible resource. You can quickly and easily find a whole host of people in your area who share your unique passions and loves. A dating site will often be free to sign up for, and they’re designed to allow anyone to start looking for their soulmate. When you’ve seen people you think are right for you, it’s just a matter of sending them an email or message and starting a conversation. A lot of people find love on these sites. They’re not about the cliche of people who are desperate, it’s just ordinary people who struggle to find love on their own. Sites like these, and ours, just help to connect people and bring them together. And if you find love, then what does it matter how you came together in the first place?




These kinds of events are designed for people who aren’t all that lucky in love just yet. They’re events that people can go to, and there’s no pressure to do anything. It’s often a chilled out party environment, and people strike up conversations and meet new faces. You never know what kind of experience you’ll have, and whether you’ll find love, which makes them a great place for meeting a potential romance. If you wind up dating someone you met at the event, fantastic. If not, you’ve made some new friends.


Ask Some Friends


When you’ve got a lot of friends, it’s possible you can ask them to introduce you to someone they know. Your friends know you, and what you’re like as a person, so they’ll know if there’s someone in their social circles that would be good for you. Don’t be afraid to ask them, good friends will help you out and understand why you’re doing it.


Overall, these are just a few of the different things you can do to find your soulmate sooner rather than later. We all dislike waiting – it’s boring and nothing really happens. So why wait? It’s better to just speed up the process and actively start looking for love. However, it’s important to remember that you’re a unique individual who will be a perfect match for someone. Don’t ever feel like you have to change yourself in any way just to be accepted. If you have a desire to improve yourself, that’s great, but never change yourself for someone else. You should make sure that you’re staying true to yourself whenever you meet someone new, because otherwise you won’t feel truly happy.

We let in only genuine dating users

At iwillfindyou.love we believe that quality online dating experience matters. One of the most challenging parts of achieving this is making sure that users signing up to our online dating service are genuine.

For this reason, we run specialised software that takes care of just that; it detects users that do not seem to be genuine and eventually blocks them from registering and logging in. Even if a non-genuine user “slips in”, we detect and see their unwanted activities and these users are suspended by our software or manually by our administrators.

By looking at stats from last 3 months, only 5% of all users were considered acceptable, 31% risky and 64% were rejected and not let in by our safeguard software features.

Dating Only Verified Users