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Looking for Love: The Perfect Matchmaker

We all know that the last few years have been, and if you’re anything like us, you can’t wait for the opportunity to get out and about and date again and for your life to move on. Whether your experience of lockdown has had you stuck with family or flatmates and they’re driving you crazy, or whether you’ve been struggling on by yourself and can’t stop seeing photos of happy couples across your feed, being able to date real people again is back on the table, which means you might want to check out the best free dating website

Whether you’re excited to be among people again, or a bit more apprehensive about jumping back into in-person socials, we’ve got you sorted with the perfect way to meet other singles nearby. The perfect way to start is with a free dating website, have a chat and get to know singles who you like, and take it from there …

We all want to find someone we click with and get those butterflies at text messages, and wonder what to wear on a first date again!

As the seasons change, we know you’re looking for someone to take pictures at the pumpkin patch and go on those blustery autumn walks with hot chocolate. Or how about to snuggle up on a chilly night with blankets and a movie, and visit a Christmas market and share some mulled wine? No more quizzing at Christmas about single life sounds like the perfect present, no?

Everybody’s looking for love, and no matter who you love, or what you love to do, we’ve got your back on this one! There’s someone for everyone and matchmaking is our forte! 

So, how can you find singles in your area that are right for you? 

Historically, methods like astrology, tarot and dance have been used, and matchmaking was about pairing a couple that would benefit their families, where the marriage was founded on social stature and prospects. 

Professional matchmakers started to match eligible singles more and more based on compatibility, with the hope of igniting a spark and finding love – and actually, they didn’t have it too far wrong. 

We still use categories to match people to others they’ll get on well with and find love, but we have a wealth of computer power and a team of experts at our back. The algorithms used by modern day matchmakers – dating sites – allow each profile to encounter other singles who share their passions, priorities and feelings. One of many reasons we have so many successful happy couples! 

The biggest difference between traditional matchmakers and modern sites, like iwillfindyou.love? The cost. We’re lucky enough to have the choice of a free dating website, whereas our ancestors would have to pay a fee to find their perfect partner.  Traditional matchmakers would change a rate for their services, but the ideal thing about a free dating site is that you never need to pay to look for love. Love isn’t a privilege, it’s something everyone deserves! 

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