5,000 active verified users

There’s now 5,000 verified users on https://iwillfindyou.love from all over the world.

Our main goal is to bring genuine and quality users to our matchmaking website so we are busy not only bringing new users but, mainly, making sure these users are genuine and their intention is to find love on our 100% free dating website.

We let in only genuine dating users

At iwillfindyou.love we believe that quality online dating experience matters. One of the most challenging parts of achieving this is making sure that users signing up to our online dating service are genuine.

For this reason, we run specialised software that takes care of just that; it detects users that do not seem to be genuine and eventually blocks them from registering and logging in. Even if a non-genuine user “slips in”, we detect and see their unwanted activities and these users are suspended by our software or manually by our administrators.

By looking at stats from last 3 months, only 5% of all users were considered acceptable, 31% risky and 64% were rejected and not let in by our safeguard software features.

Dating Only Verified Users

Facebook Authentication Issue Corrected

Just to let you know that the issue with the authentication via Facebook has been resolved. All new and existing users can now authenticate via Facebook again.

For your convenience, we are also working on Google authentication which should be out soon.

Genuine dating – all dating profiles verified manually

At iwillfindyou.love, we check every dating user profile manually ensuring we are getting only genuine users. Continue reading Genuine dating – all dating profiles verified manually

iwillfindyou.love dating website reached 100 registered users

A few weeks ago, the dating community website iwillfindyou.love did not even exist. Today we have more than 100 users. And that’s just to warm up.

Sign up and use iwillfindyou.love completely free of charge!

We have launched iwillfindyou.love today!

We have launched iwillfindyou.love, a completely free and completely honest dating website with genuine users.