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Online dating dos and don’ts

So you found a nice dating profile on dating website and you thing she or he is a good match. But you’re also aware of the fact that you need to be safe –  whether online or, later, in person – aren’t you?

Here are a few online dating dos and don’ts that will keep you safe.

Do not share your personal detail just yet

It may be that you really like someone’s dating profile, but what if you don’t like that person when meeting face to face? Instead, only give away your email or telephone number to someone you are sure want to meet again.

Tell your friends or family about your date

When meeting someone from online dating website, you don’t know who the person is. Therefore it is vital to let your friends where and when you are going and whom you are meeting.

Meet in a public place

This one is obvious. Meet the person in a public place – coffee shop, library, gallery but not at your or their place or in the middle of nowhere.

Do not leave your drink or meal unattended

Again, for obvious reasons, do not leave your drink or food unattended for even short period of time.

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