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Online Dating Done Right

When it comes to online dating it can be an absolute minefield. There are plenty of good people out there looking for love, but they can be hard to find. There are several simple things that you can do though that will improve your chances of finding Mr or Mrs Right online. Let us guide you through it.

Getting the Dating Profile Right

Getting your dating profile right isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but there are several things you can do to give yourself the best shot at it. Firstly don’t be modest, starting your dating website profile with ‘I’m no good at this’ will put people off straight away. Likewise, bragging isn’t good either. ‘I make a great paella’ is good, ‘I have a fantastic job, make loads of money, and no one can understand why I am single’ is not. Don’t be needy and don’t be over the top. Be yourself.

Make Your Dating Profile Stand Out

Having ‘I love music and hanging out with friends’ doesn’t do anything for your profile, as this is true of practically every person in the world. Be original and be specific. Don’t say you like sunsets (everyone does) say which is the best sunset you have ever seen. Mention specific music tracks you like, rather than something generic. Also, don’t admit that a friend wrote your profile as this makes it look like you have no self-awareness and are not smart enough to write it yourself.

Picture Perfect

Make sure that you have a dating profile picture, those that don’t either scream ‘I’m so ugly that there is no way I am giving you a picture, I am married, or I am on the run from the law’. Have more than one picture. It is impossible to tell what someone is like from a single pic, so people that like you will want to see more. Likewise, make sure that your pictures are realistic and not Photoshop art. People will soon find the truth out when they meet you for real. No pictures with your top off, men or women, this screams that you are only interested in one thing or are desperate.


It may take a while before you get any messages particularly if you are a man. Be proactive when it comes to messaging, playing hard to get doesn’t work, neither does bombarding them with message spam. Ask them a few questions about their profile and keep it interesting. Be aware that you don’t have to reply to anyone that messages you. No reply is often better than a ‘thanks, but no thanks’ message. Also, remember that messaging is a stopgap to meeting someone. You don’t want a conversation to go on for weeks before you meet. You need that in-person interaction. Six messages in total are enough to know whether you want to meet or not.

When it comes to online dating there are a lot of unwritten rules and it can take a while to get your head around it, but it is possible to find true love online. Good luck.

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