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5 top tips for a first date

So you’ve been chatting to a special person on a free dating community like iwillfindyou.love and you’re now ready for the next step. To help you make the jump from the dating website to the bar or restaurant, we’ve put together a list of five free tips for a first date.

Calm your nerves

It’s natural to feel nervous before a first date. You’ve probably been chatting on a dating website for a while, and so you will want everything to go smoothly. The best preparation for a first date is to do whatever it is that relaxes you.

This could be an hour spent running on the treadmill, a quick treatment at your local beauty salon, or even a walk around the local park. However you distract yourself, it will help you to relax and enjoy yourself on the date.

Be prepared

As with most things in life, good preparation is important if you want to make the most of your first date. If you have been chatting online, go back through some of the details they’ve listed on their dating website profile.

Of course you’ll probably already know what you like about your date. But by revisiting a few of their interests or making a mental note of some things you’d like to know more about, you’ll have plenty of ammunition to keep the conversation flowing when you meet.

Don’t be late!

Another tips for a first date can be the most important one – don’t be late! Being late isn’t necessarily the end of the world. Everyone is late from time to time – either through busy traffic, public transport delays or for any other number of reasons. The important thing is to let your date know when you will be arriving.

An easy way to ruin a first date is to arrive stressed and feeling guilty. So if you do arrive late, apologise to your date and give your excuses then offer to buy them a drink to get things moving!

Keep things light

A first date is the perfect opportunity to have fun with someone new. You’ve already been chatting on a dating website, but it’s the first opportunity to really feel what it’s like to be around them. This is why you should keep the conversation light and fun.

Ask your date questions and tell them more about yourself. Keep things upbeat and try to avoid heavier topics like politics and past relationships. These can easily kill the mood and stop you both from enjoying your time together.

And don’t forget to listen

You may have already read a lot about your date on their dating website profile, but don’t be afraid to ask questions you’ve already seen the answers to online. And when they answer, make sure you’re actually listening – rather than waiting for the next opportunity to speak. Conversations should work two ways, and showing an active interest in what your date has to say can make a big difference.

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