Is really a completely free dating site?
Yes, is free to join and free to use dating site. We may introduce some extra paid for features in the future to keep this project running but to join and use website will be always free. We can confidently say that is a free dating site.
How long does the approval take?
If there are no issues with your account, it will be likely approved immediately. If it is flagged by our AI, your account will need to be approved by one of our admins. The manual approval usually takes up to 48 hours.
How do you prevent spam and fraud on
We use combination of third party resources and our own fraud detection web services, APIs and algorithms. Our AI automatically detect and stops users with fraudulent history from registering and also flags, suspends or deletes existing users who do not follow our website rules. Also, our admins constantly monitor the website content and user activities and respond to abuse reports reported by our users.
Are there any restrictions on who can use the website?
Yes. These are the restrictions:
  • User must be 18 years of age or older.
  • User must be living in and connecting from one of the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand.
  • User must be connecting from a genuine direct internet connection through a genuine domestic or business ISP, not via VPN, server, cloud service or other type of proxy connection.
  • And, of course, user must follow our website rules.
How do I disable notification emails?
There are two options how you can disable receiving notification emails: 1) On the Settings page, choose tab Notifications and check email notifications you want to be receiving; 2) In each notification email, follow link Unsubscribe. This way you can unsubscribe from notification emails without logging into the website.
Are there any limits on the website?
Yes. There are some limits on the number of likes, friend requests and other features each user can use within a certain period of time. You will be notified when you hit these limits. While we try to keep as open as possible, these limits are to prevent spam and save resources - we are a free dating website, after all. Genuine users who use our dating website honestly should rarely exceed these limits.
How do I delete my account?
To delete your account, go to your Settings page and then select tab Delete Account. This will give you the option to delete your account.
What kind of photos can or cannot I upload?
You should only upload good quality photos with only you in it. It must be clear to other users from the photo who the person in it is. Please note: uploading images that are not allowed will force us to remove them. Uploading nude or obscene photos, photos of minors and photos with text in them may and will get your account suspended automatically.
How do I delete a photo?
To delete one of your uploaded photos, go to your Profile page, click on the photo you want to delete, click on the arrow on the top left corner of the pup-up that contains your photo, and click on 'Delete Photo'.
A user asked me for money or a gift. What do I do?
Asking for money, gifts or any other favour in any form is strictly against our website rules. Should you experience such behaviour from another user, please report it to us using the Report User button on each user profile and in chat. This way we can keep our free online dating website safe and enjoyable for everyone.
Do you use chat bots (robots) in chat?
No, we do not use chat bots or any other bots of any kind on All users and interactions on this dating site are made by humans.